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About Us


Spotlight Magazine publishes several local marketplace magazines for growing communities throughout Kansas City. Each issue is distributed by direct mail through the U.S. Postal Service and reflects our strict emphasis on color, print quality, and consumer response. Most importantly, each issue gets measurable results for its advertisers at a fraction of the cost of mass media such as newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet.

Exceptional Print Quality – Our magazines are printed on 60 lb. glossy paper and feature bright, full color ads, helping to give off the successful here your business deserves.

Measurable Results – Ability to code coupons to track response and measure ROI.

Limited Page Count – We run a small page count to make sure each ad stands out. If you’re spending money on advertising, you need to make sure it actually gets noticed!

Affordable for Every Business – Rates starting at around a penny per household.

Highly Targeted Mailing Lists – Focus on your local community’s residents to increase your response rate.


Circulation Leader

As the #1 marketplace magazine in the region, Spotlight stands alone in its ability to connect with and influence Kansas City residents. We mail directly to 180,000 households and have plans for expansion.

Digital Services

In addition to our magazines, Spotlight also offers other print and digital services, including website development, social media management, email marketing and pay-per-click services.

If you are looking for opportunities to better reach your customers and clients, contact us today.  We'd love to demonstrate what we can do for your business.

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